So when I was a kid, my mom sold Pampered Chef. She got into it because my shitty abusive dad wouldn't let her look outside the home for a job- it made her feel a little better about her situation, and gave her an excuse to have friends over for "parties." Plus most of the moms in our small town each had their own MLM thing, but that's another story. Point being, she had a LOT of pampered chef kitchen supplies. Whether that was from rewards, being forced to buy stock, whatever, she had a ton. She still actually has a ton, even though she doesn't sell it anymore (stopped like 10+ years ago now). I grew up cooking with a lot of those tools, and they clearly have a decent lifespan. As someone who cooks a lot at home (and a little as a restaurant manager at work) I sometimes find myself missing some of those convenient gadgets my mom had. Things like their heavy duty garlic press, various stone cookware, and this adjustable measuring cup they had. You can buy their stuff directly from their site without getting involved in the parties & MLM aspect. So my question is, do you think it would be ethical to purchase a product from them that I know works? Or should I do some research to find similar products outside that brand to avoid supporting the company itself entirely? I haven't purchased anything yet as I am on the fence about this.