**Assets and Debt** Retirement accounts: \~$40k - contributing the employer matched amount since my first job at 21 Savings/checking accounts: \~$65k HSA: \~$1200 - just became an option at my most recent company so I contribute the cost difference between the low and high deductible health plan (in which I'm enrolled) because I don't plan on having kids soon and bar something catastrophic, I will never reach either deductible Credit card debt: $0 - pay off the balance monthly Student loan debt: I'm honestly not sure of the balance, but we pay \~$1500/month toward my husband's graduate degree. My parents paid for my undergrad. **Income** My job monthly take home after health, vision, dental, and life insurance, HSA, and retirement contribution: \~$6900 + variable bonus (\~$25k annually) Husband's job monthly take home: \~$4300 Poshmark sales: \~$100/month Passive income from blog: \~$150/month **Monthly Expenses** Rent: $1340 for a 2 bed/2 bath apartment in a large midwest city Renter's insurance: $14 Church tithe: \~$1100 Utilities: \~$45 Internet: $65 Wireless plan & payment for two iPhones: $180 Car lease (husband): $125 | My car is completely paid off Netflix: $14 Pandora: $10 **Annual Expenses** Car insurance: $1200 Movie theater membership: $15 Rock gym membership: $485 Costco: $60 Sephora flash shipping: $15 Amazon Prime: $99 Domain hosting: $17 Xbox online: $60 Nintendo Switch online: $20 ​ **DAY ONE** 6:00am Wake up to husbands alarm, and roll over to go back to sleep. I had a nasty case of the flu last week, and while most symptoms have passed, I’m still exhausted. At 7:00am, I drag myself out of bed and put together an Asian chicken salad for husband's (W) lunch. It’s really just combining items (broccoli slaw, edamame, roasted peanuts, peanut dressing, cooked chicken breast, and apple juice-sweetened dried cranberries). I know he can make his own lunch, but it’s a small thing I can do routinely and I’m a lot better at food/cooking than him, plus it saves money. Since I don’t have meetings until later, and my pup is being extra cute, I curl back up in bed and we watch a few YouTube videos. 8:15am Got carried away on YouTube and am interrupted by a work email for a meeting that just got scheduled at 8:30am, so uh in 15 minutes. Thankfully my boss included a conference dial-in. I jump in the shower, throw on a tiny bit of makeup, dial in to my meeting, while getting dressed in Athleta skinny jeans, a Gap t-shirt, Lord & Taylor cashmere cardigan, and Madewell flats, as we have a heated strategy discussion. While still listening in on the call, I make my very short commute to the office. 9:30am That meeting took awhile and I ended up with a ton to do. These next couple days will be busy. I grab a Cranberry-Orange-Beet Trail Nuggets Pro bar from my desk stash and chow down for breakfast. 1:15pmA few meetings and some hasty PowerPoint creation later and I realize I haven’t eaten lunch so I go to raid the team snack bins. They’re basically empty. Since I stock them, I feel guilty just grabbing myself a snack from the back stock, so I refill a big tote with all the snacks and refill all the team snack bins and cherry-pick the last chili lime Corn Nuts and an applesauce (with secret vegetables) for myself. Then I leave my “lunch” sitting on my desk because I realize I have a meeting to discuss an acquisition I’m working on. 2:30pm I come back to my desk to an angry email about terabytes of data that need to be made available and get to deleting old temp tables I irresponsibly left lying around while chomping down on my corn nuts. At least corn is a vegetable? 5:15pm I have finally wrapped up enough stuff to leave the office for the day, and realize I don’t have a protein for dinner and there’s some dishes in the sink which discourages my interest in cooking. After discussing with W, we decide that Thursday date night is in order and go to a local Asian place that’s usually pretty good. The waitress is more interested in talking about a psychic live stream in which she recently participated than taking our order. We order a spicy chicken appetizer to split, W gets a Diet Coke and sweet and sour chicken, and I get a sushi roll. Our appetizer takes forever and the waitress keeps stopping by to apologize, and when it finally arrives it's not what we ordered. Then she brings something other than my sushi roll and finally W's sweet and sour chicken arrives as the first correct thing. My actual sushi roll and then finally the appetizer comes. After more than an hour and a half, we get our check and the waitress graciously removed the belated appetizer and husband’s Diet Coke. We tipped generously on the full value of our meal because she obviously felt bad, but was struggling and we appreciated the free appetizer and not sushi roll. **$38.41** 8:30pm We cuddle up in bed with our pup who was feeling a little sad after being left alone so much today and I watch an episode of Project Runway All Stars and some YouTube cooking shows while husband plays his Nintendo3DS. Then I respond to the flurry of emails from my boss who “took the afternoon off”, but clearly not the evening. Crashed by 10:30pm. **DAY ONE TOTAL: $38.41** ​ **DAY TWO** 6:00am I wake up to W’s alarm and read some news. The I shower, put on a new Free People dress I’ve been looking forward to wearing, tinted moisturizer, and lip balm. I grab a can of Canada Dry bubble water and run out the door. I have a boatload of emails that somehow piled up and a day full of meetings. I get into the office by 7:30am. 9:30am I Spend the morning sitting in my boss’s office hastily revising a proposal in time for a 10:30am call. We hit send on the deck by 10:31 and proceed to have a tense discussion with some business associates and ultimately agree to disagree. This project has competing interests at play and it’s been exhausting. We’ve iterated so many times and at this point nobody is happy but we have to make a decision and execute. 11:30am I was supposed to have a touchpoint with my boss but it turns into tactical conversation and a conference call on a different urgent proposal I’m working on. I realize as my stomach growls audibly that I haven’t eaten today. 1:00pm My boss stops by my desk and asks what I’m doing for food, I say who knows. He tells me to expense something for delivery and I graciously oblige. Panera will now arrive in 30 minutes and I’m pretty excited about my fancy ‘You Pick Two’. When I buy Panera with my own money, I pick the cheapest, most basic items. I got a little crazy with my corporate card and got a you pick two with turkey chili and the roasted turkey, apple, and cheddar sandwich and a chocolate sandwich cookie. Thanks work. (\~$18 with delivery and tip on my corporate card) Husband had lunch on his firm as part of a training. 2:30pm Back in my boss’s office about a different high-stakes problem. I swear sometimes my job isn’t reactive. 5:30pm Still in my boss’s office. He has a candy dish and lollipops appeared in it today. I debate the optics of eating a lollipop in front of basically a c-level executive and group of middle aged professional men and decide its nearly 6:00pm and I want a dang lollipop. 6:00pm I leave work and go to the climbing gym to sort of climb and mostly catch up with my climbing buddies I haven’t seen for too long between being out of town and being sick. 7:30pm I head home after a shameful few bouldering runs (but hey I did it) and place an irresponsible Pizza Hut order because husband and I are both exhausted and it’s Friday. I couldn’t decide what to get, so I go overboard with the 2 or more for $5 deal and get a medium pepperoni pizza, a pepperoni p’zone (I’ve never experienced one and had to try it), boneless buffalo wings, and mini Cinnabons. **$28.86** 8:15pm Pizza’s here! We eat in bed with our little dog while watching Bon Appetit and America’s Test Kitchen on YouTube. I have a few boneless wings, a slice of pizza, a few bites of the calzone (meh), and too many mini cinnamon rolls. Those are the star of dinner. 10:00pm I put on this weeks episode of Project Runway (we don’t have cable so I bought the whole season on Amazon for $19.99 when it first started) and turn it off half way through to sleep. **DAY TWO TOTAL: $28.86** ​ **DAY THREE** 8:00am I inexplicably wake up starving, which is great since I didn’t have an appetite for awhile during and after the flu. I pop a set of Kodiak Cake protein waffles in the toaster then smear some almond butter on them. Then I head back to bed to cuddle up with pup while finishing the episode of Project Runway I almost fell asleep watching. I really thought I’d miss Heidi and Tim, but I’m loving this season so far! 9:45am I remember I’m nearly out of my favorite tinted moisturizer, Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm, and even though I’ll be at the mall later today, I place an order through so I can use my blog affiliate link, effectively saving about 10% and because it's often sold out in stores anyways. I add a few other things to my cart, then remove them because I’m trying to be a more responsible consumer and 1) buy less stuff I really don’t need and 2) specifically cut back on plastic consumption. I know my tinted moisturizer comes in plastic, but I don’t have it in me to revamp my entire beauty routine to eliminate all plastic, baby steps. **$41.97** 10:30am W and I take pup for a walk, and encounter a giant snapping turtle. We proceed to have a detailed conversation about the difference between turtles and tortoises. I get back to the apartment and make a Trader Joe’s grocery list, forgoing my usual Whole Foods delivery order because we’re moving this week and while I’d like to pretend I’ll still cook real meals every night, I know better. 11:15am As I finally convince myself to clean up and grab groceries, pup plops down right on top of me and convinces me to peruse Pinterest for 25 minutes instead of accomplishing anything. I specifically look for Trader Joe’s meal ideas, so it at least feels remotely productive. I finally brush my teeth, floss, wash my face with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, and put in my contacts to run to the grocery. Usually Saturday is my holy day where I don’t put on any makeup, but I have plans this afternoon so I’ll have to break my own ritual later. The less time I have to wear it, the better though. 12:00am Trader Joe’s is a madhouse and reminds me why I don’t usually go on Saturdays. I quickly grab a bunch of Southwest Salad kits, mostly organic veggies (cauliflower, cucumber, bell peppers, onions, garlic, shallots), dried cranberries, cooked chicken breasts, and a bunch of convenience foods (chimichurri rice, chicken andouille sausage, pulled bbq beef, frozen wontons). **$75.19** I make small talk with the cashier while bagging my groceries in my reusable canvas totes (one of the best purchases ever). The charming cashiers are another reason I love Trader Joe’s. I actually love cooking but I don’t anticipate having the time or interest this week given my workload at the moment plus packing and moving. I notice this is cheaper than my usual grocery runs, maybe I should keep “cooking” this way. Then I remember neither the already cooked beef or chicken is organic (which I usually buy) and I didn’t restock any pantry staples such like milk, eggs, butter, cheese, spices, or oils. 12:30pm While driving home, the terrible sound my car makes when braking and turning simultaneously reminds me I need to get my car checked out again (I did about a month ago and they said there was nothing wrong. OK.), or just buy a new one. I’ve driven the same car since I was 15 (thank you parents). I just don’t care about cars and it’s basically free so I have a hard time justifying a car payment. I also sometimes struggle to rationalize decisions about big purchases, likely attributed to the fact that we make decent money, when just 6 years ago I was the only household income and made less than $40k. 12:45pm I put away the groceries and pull out some sad produce (I hate wasting food, ugh). W and I discuss the options for lunch based on what I just bought, and settle on andouille chicken sausage with chimichurri rice and veggies. One pan meals are my jam on a lazy Saturday. We eat and watch half an episode of Chef and my Fridge on Netflix. It’s totally ridiculous and I love it. 1:15pm I hop in the shower, debate whether I want to wash my hair and ultimately do the works: wash and condition my hair and shave my legs. I then proceed to my usual routine: Tarte eye treatment, Drunk Elephant hydration gel, NARS concealer under my eyes, Dr. Jart beauty balm, Tarte blush, Tarte bronzer, Marc Jacobs mascara, Bite agave lip balm, and Benefit brow fiber gel. When I list everything it sounds like a lot, but takes maybe five minutes to do my whole skin/face daily and hardly looks like I’m wearing makeup. I also note that I desperately need to wax my brows and pencil it in tomorrow morning when I’m not pressed for time. Then comes Native deodorant and some Moroccan Oil through my hair. 2:00pm I throw on the same outfit as yesterday because I sat in an office all day, I really liked it, and I won’t see the same people: Free people maxi dress, H&M utility jacket, and Golden Goose sneakers (I got these as part of a collaboration when fashion blogging was my side hustle and I LOVE them but I don’t think I could ever pay real money for them). I head to the mall to support a friend hosting an event. I win a goodie bag, which conveniently included an Origins body wash, and I just ran out of my Whole Foods body wash. I also do a lap around the mall to get in a few steps and see if H&M has a dress I’ve eyed online but want to try on in real life. They don’t have it, so I leave the mall without spending any money. 3:20pm Lunch was salty, and has me craving something to drink, so I stop for a smoothie on the way home. I know husband will be sad if I don’t get him anything, so I get a large tropical strawberry for him and small lemon strawberry for me. $12.68, but I dump the change in the tip jar so **$13.00**. 3:45pm I pickup a different friend and head to a different mall. I need to make a couple returns only possible there and my friend needs clothes for a new job she recently got. It’s a big step up and she needs some more professional staples, I’m super excited for her. I take husbands car because it’s way nicer and doesn’t make embarrassing sounds. 6:00pm We leave the mall and I’m proud because even though I tried a couple things on, I didn’t buy anything and returned about $185 (a dress from Free People $154 and a J.Crew clearance dress $30). My friend had a lot of success and I picked out a few of the things she selected, so I feel productive. 6:20pm W isn’t hungry yet, but I am, so I whip up some bacon fried rice with a fried egg. There’s left over sticky rice, bacon, and chopped green onions in our fridge, and I add some fresh edamame, soy sauce, sriracha, and sesame seeds. 8:00pm I browse J.Crew, Anthro, ASOS, and H&M and put stuff in my carts. Then I remember I have \~3,000 square feet of house to furnish next week and close all the tabs. Dinner left me craving something sweet so I switch to Pinterest and search for easy, remotely healthy dessert ideas. I give up on Pinterest because everything either requires way too much effort or ingredients I don’t have. I rummage through the pantry and fridge and remember I have tofu, so I whip up a batch of coconut chocolate tofu pudding, and then do a load of laundry. 9:45pm I get ready for bed and then cuddle up in bed with pup and watch the Big Family Cooking Show until I fall asleep. Husband is getting work done, but will hopefully join me soon. **DAY THREE TOTAL: $130.16** ​ **DAY FOUR** 5:30am Wake up to pupper pawing to get under the covers. I happily let him in and he settles in as the small spoon for a cuddle sesh. I fall back asleep. 7:50am I’m up. I decide to do some skin TLC. I wash up with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser and my PMD device (not as good as a Clarisonic but I missed the Sephora return window sadly). Then I do a few much needed extractions, wipe down with Bioderma Micellar Water, and apply the SAND & SKY Brilliant Skin mask. It tingles pretty intensely, but I feel like my skin needs this right now. While my mask sets, I chop up some kiwis and strawberries for myself and also deliver husband a bowl with a guava yogurt since he woke up and went back to work in the office. It is very unusual for him to do work on the weekends, so I’m trying to be helpful rather than distracting. After rinsing mask #1, I wax my eyebrows with a Nads wand and am reminded that I should really do it more often when I basically remove two entire eyebrows and still have two left on my face, then follow up with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. I’m only going to use it a few hours, but that’s better than nothing, right? 8:45am I settle into bed to finish my fruit, read the news, and enter what I wore last week into an app I use. I found that 1) entering everything I buy and 2) seeing what I own vs actually wear has really helped me reduce my shopping. I seriously was a borderline shopaholic and over the last year and a half I think I’ve improved dramatically. 9:05am My news reading (which really turned into reading all the Elizabeth Holmes articles, because after reading Bad Blood in January I can’t get enough of it) is interrupted by my screen time report. My average of 4 hours a day distresses me and I put my phone down to get ready for church and vow to do better with screen time this week. I blow out my hair with my Dyson blow dryer (this was a life changing gift), remove the mask and do a full face of makeup. After noticing the state of my skin, I’m feeling pretty self conscious. I go to town with Tarte eye treatment, Murad oil-control mattifier, NARS concealer under my eyes and to cover all my red spots, Dior foundation applied with a beauty blender, NARS blush, Tarte bronzer, Anastasia eyebrow pencil, Tarte opening act eyelash primer, Becca eyeshadow, Marc jacobs mascara, Mac lip liner, and Fenty lipgloss. I haven’t worn this much makeup in over a month and I feel ridiculously glamorous for church but realize I’m just being melodramatic and some people wear this everyday. I hastily throw on a J.Crew leopard print dress, Nordstrom utility jacket (it’s nicer looking than my H&M, and yes I could happily wear utility jackets and dresses everyday), Gucci loafers, and some big crystal J.Crew costume jewelry earrings. 12:45pm After we get home, I snack on a Mamma Chia pouch and change into sweatpants and a T-shirt. Then I prep Greek bowls for lunch- a bed of romaine lettuce and farro, topped with cucumbers, black olives, cherry tomatoes, homemade tzatziki, lemon hummus dressing, feta, and a few Trader Joe’s frozen falafel. I love this meal and make a variation of it at least every other week. 1:00pm We hunker down on the couch and eat our Greek bowls while watching SortedFood, America’s Test Kitchen, and Bon Appetit on YouTube. I grab my left over chocolate coconut tofu pudding and have some for dessert. Husband tries it and actually likes it, so I share. Then I opt to take a nap with pup before packing some in advance of the move. 4:00pm I get a few boxes packed before I get distracted taking apart a K’nex roller coaster we built together... too long ago to still be taking up precious tablespace. I meticulously put like pieces in ziplock baggies so I can use them again to build something else and pretend to be an architect. 7:00pm W is cleaning the kitchen, so I have some dry cereal and chips and guacamole for dinner and spend awhile going through my work email inbox. Earlier W requested I pick out and order some omega 3 supplements for him because I love researching stuff. I end up ordering myself some gummy multivitamins on Amazon too. **$38.40** 8:30pm I’m still hungry so I slice up some venison summer sausage and pour a glass of coconut water. Husband and I watch more Chef and my Fridge while I munch. 10:00pm After putzing around on Instagram a bit, I get ready for bed by washing my face, using Arcona cranberry scrub, Ole Henrikson glow2oh dark spot toner, Origins super spot remover on a few blemishes trying to pop up, and Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment. Then I floss and brush and spray my hair with some IGK dry shampoo. I find using it the night before helps curb any oil and reduces the powdery buildup and chance of white stripes. I check with husband about his schedule this week and then order tickets to see Captain Marvel on Tuesday night because it’s discount ticket day, and I know we won’t see it next weekend or probably the weekend after with moving. **$11** **DAY FOUR TOTAL: $49.40** ​ **DAY FIVE** 5:15am Pup comes and sits at my face asking to burrow under the covers. I let him in and this time he opts for big spoon. We cuddle and I fall back asleep until my alarm. 6:50am Up and at’em. I have about 7 hours of meetings today, so I want to get some work done before they start. I hop in the shower and use Philosphy Purity cleanser, Up&Up shave cream, my new Origins ginger burst body wash, Summers Eve cleansing wash, and finish with L’Occitane en Provence shower oil. I love the Origins body wash, so I look up how much it costs per ounce compared to the Everyone Soap I buy in giant containers at Whole Foods. Ouch, it’s $4.17/ounce vs $0.31/ounce. Looks like I’ll be savoring my deluxe sample size until I rebuy Everyone Soap. Then I do my usual beauty routine, floss, deodorant, etc. I pick out some J.Crew wide leg trousers, an Everlane cashmere sweater, a Theory blazer, and Jimmy Choo flats. It feels kind of drab so I throw on some big olive Kendra Scott earrings to spice it up a little. I waiver whether I want to workout after work and throw some leggings, a sports bra, and tank in my work bag just in case I will myself to. I usually indoor rock climb twice a week but travel and the flu has broken my routine and while it’s hard to motivate myself to get back to it, I also know I miss it. I go to pack husband’s lunch, but he ended up going out for lunch on Friday on the firm and says he’ll eat his salad from then for lunch today. Uh okay, at least the dressing was on the side. If he doesn’t bring lunch he inevitably eats out, so I put more effort into his lunches than my own. 7:50am I place a Starbucks order through the app and leave for the office. I get myself a venti açaí refresher and my equally swamped friend at work an iced coffee. I add on a pike place coffee for another coworker involved with this project even though I don’t know their Starbucks preferences. It’s exactly $10, and I have $10.84 left on my account so I technically don’t pay anything. 8:00am Turns out the latter doesn’t drink coffee, so a different friend benefits. I start going through the low priority things I left in my inbox last night and compiling a deck for an afternoon meeting. I also restock the candy bowl I keep at my desk with fun size candy bars and gummies. I started my community candy bowl when I was new to get to know people on my team and butter them up, and now it’s just a little thing I like to maintain because it makes people happy. 9:00am My meetings start so I’ll be in my boss’s office and various other conference rooms pretty much the rest of the day. I grab my laptop, charger, notepad, two cellphones, my mouse, various colored pens, a Trail Nuggets Pro bar, and my Starbucks. I legit need a tool belt for all the crap I carry around; at least my blazer has pockets today. 10:45am My boss pings me requesting I come to his office. Every time this happens I panic, even though it’s literally never been for something bad. I walk in and he asks if I can fly to HQ to present to the CEO on his behalf this week. He can’t make it and the Chief Data Officer requested I come instead. I am flattered and terrified, but agree. This means I need to reschedule a few things, but I figure it’s worth it for face time with the CEO, even if I’m not nearly as prepared as I would like. I find a flight that leaves later tonight. I’m about to pull the trigger when my boss says he’s been guilted into going and I’m clear. Good for my stress, bummer for the visibility. 11:30am I didn’t eat more than two bites of my bar, so thankfully our Admin Assistant ordered lunch from a local bakery for a few of us swamped in meetings. I enjoy half a fancy turkey sandwich and part of the sugar cookie she ordered for me. This Admin Assistant is the best. I stash the other half of my combo- a salad, pretzel bread, and the rest of the sugar cookie- in the fridge for later. Back to meetings. 3:00pm I get a few emails to my personal address telling me my Poshmark sales have been accepted and have a $46.40 balance. I request a deposit to my bank because I only sell on Poshmark and don’t have any outstanding shipments. I munch on my pretzel bread and document how to create a new project in our big data environment for a coworker I’ve flaked on twice because of higher priority meetings getting scheduled over our planned session. Then I head to my boss’s office. 5:45pm I’m still sitting in my boss’s office reviewing stuff. While my boss takes a quick call, I check my personal email and see a marketing email from Everlane. I decide I deserve one of their new cotton-linen blazers ($145), plus I have an Everlane credit. I browse the color choices and settle on “bone”. 6:25pm Ugh still at the office and I got interrupted before ordering my blazer. Our conversation finally wraps and I grab my leftover half cookie to share with husband, and a tiny Baby Ruth from my candy bowl to eat on the way home. Today was a day, but thankfully I’m nearly at 100% since the flu and I really enjoy my job and coworkers, otherwise this would be brutal. 7:00pm Even though I’m desperately out of cardio shape, I know I’ll feel a lot better if I squeeze in a run. I change and go out for only a mile and a half, but it’s exactly what I needed. I get annoyed with my Spotify ads- I used to have premium but cancelled over the winter to save money because I basically wasn’t running and switched to podcasts at work when I’m doing boring stuff. I set a goal to run 8 times this month, and if I reach it I’ll resubscribe to Spotify Premium. When I get home, I go to order that Everlane blazer and realize their shipping can be slow, so I decide to wait until after we close on our new house this week so I can place the order 100% confidently shipping to our house address (or realize I was just stress shopping and don’t need a cream linen blazer...). I pivot to focus on dinner, and we settle on Annie’s macaroni and cheese topped with Trader Joe’s bbq brisket and crispy jalapeños with some steamed broccoli on the side because vegetables. I get to cooking. 8:00pm Husband and I debrief our on our days; he has a few interesting cases and mentions he was able to take care of scheduling the switch of our utilities and internet to the new house. He’s the best at the responsible and necessary tasks, and I’m so grateful he is on top of these kinds of things because I hate and am awful at them. Then we watch America’s Test Kitchen on YouTube while eating dinner. I grab a Zevia ginger beer mixer and tangerine La Croix to make myself a mocktail. 10:20pm I walk the dog, draw a bath, and get myself a serving of chocolate coconut tofu pudding with pistachio nut meats for some crunch. I planned to watch a show on my iPad, but the battery was nearly dead so instead I soak in silence enjoying my pudding. I should probably be sleeping, but when work is particularly stressful I prioritize me time much higher. 11:00pm I go through my evening skin and dental hygiene routine and slip into bed since husband and pup fell asleep awhile ago. 11:30pm Just kidding. I respond to work emails and then go to bed. **DAY FIVE TOTAL: $0.00** ​ **DAY SIX** 6:15am My alarm sounds and I force myself to get out of bed because I’m trying to get to the office by 7:00am. I spent all yesterday on “Project A” and need to dedicate some time to “Project B” that’s also very important but slightly less urgent. I go through my usual morning routine, then get dressed in some Vince skinny pants, a Banana Republic silk blouse, a different Theory blazer, Everlane dayglove flats, and a Kendra Scott pendant. I throw snacks to restock my personal stash into my bag- Epic venison bars, Trail Nuggets, single serve coconut rice puddings, and Clif bars. 7:15am Arrive at work, the lights haven’t turned on yet but I get to work documenting the opportunities to use our data in a customer value chain. 8:00am I check my personal email quick, and see an item on poshmark sold for $55, success! That means $44 once I ship and it’s accepted. I also see an email from America’s Test Kitchen about a deal on a line of their cookbooks, the first for $16 and subsequent for $10. I’m interested in two, but the shipping charge negates the savings. I check Amazon and see the one I’m most interested in, Cooking for Two, is only $13 with free Prime shipping and add it to my cart. I’ll read reviews and the preview later to decide if I actually want to order it. Back to work. 12:50pm I Spent from 9am until now in meetings, and my boss stops by a couple of us and says order pizza for everyone on the team. Since I have the Pizza Hut app on my phone and selfishly want to ensure there is pizza without mushrooms, I volunteer to order it, plus free points. I skip a 15 minute call I was going to just listen in on to quickly place an order for 6 pizzas, 2 orders of boneless wings, a double order of breadsticks, garlic knots, and 2 orders of mini Cinnabons on my work card. I realize it’s not enough for our whole team, but most normal people have eaten lunch by now, and will definitely have eaten lunch by the time the food arrives. Then I kick myself for being the only female in the meeting and the one that coordinated the food. Ugh. ($88.46) 1:00pm Back in the boardroom we are reviewing the final rollout plan in depth. I present my contributions, we make edits, and then I step out to grab the pizza that arrived. We eat, then my boss leaves to catch a flight and the rest of us keep working through 4:00pm. We divvy up the remaining tasks and split for the day. I agree to get my new deliverable done by 9:00am tomorrow so I can just wake up early to do it. I’m pretty spent. 4:30pm There is a ton of food left over, so I grab some pizza and Cinnabons to take home for husband’s dinner, and head out. I get home to a happy pup and an Amazon package (omega 3 for G and Smarty Pants gummy vitamins for me). Then my boss lands and starts texting us and we rehash the decisions and the timelines for the remaining action items. I change into Textile & Elizabeth boyfriend jeans, an Everlane guys tee, an oversized J.Crew cardigan, and Birkenstocks. I planned on taking pupper for a long walk, but instead I log back in to do a few more work things we discussed via text, but I promise him a walk before we leave for the movie. They really need to make a movie theatre that allows dogs. 6:15pm I realize I lost track of time working and scarf down a slice of thin crust pepperoni pizza so I don’t starve at the movie, and apologize to pup that he never got a long walk. Husband gets home and shares that the trash and water has been scheduled at our new address and hands me the biggest check I’ve ever seen that he got for closing tomorrow. I still can’t believe we can responsibly buy a house, but I’m so excited. 7:00pm I get concession deals through AMC stubs, so I get two $5 small popcorn and soda combos. I get husband a coke and myself a strawberry sparkling Dasani. It comes out pink and I get sad because that means it probably has artificial sweetener and those mess with my digestion, so I end up drinking part of husband’s coke. Sorry dear. $11 9:45 We get home from the movie and I read a money diary and then make a list of what we plan to move on closing day versus over the weekend when we have a moving truck. I reserve a Uhaul, including the deluxe insurance (married to a lawyer), a dolly, and furniture pads. The estimated cost with mileage and the random fees is $109, but it’s not due until we return the truck. 11:00pm Nightly skincare and dental routine and off to sleep. Tomorrow will be another early morning and long day because I’m taking the following day off to close on our house, pack, and move all the breakables/valuables/clothes/other things we won’t pack into boxes and move with the Uhaul on Saturday. **DAY SIX TOTAL: $11.00** ​ **DAY SEVEN** 6:00am I spring awake before my alarm goes off because I dream I got stranded at work and missed our final walkthrough. I will myself back to sleep for the extra twenty minutes I planned to sleep. 6:30am Whoops, it’s a little later than I intended to get up. Before getting in the shower I end up hastily drafting a first copy of the document I agreed to deliver by 9am in Notes on my phone because I’m a little stressed about the deadline to which I committed. It flows pretty easily, so I feel better and hop in the shower, don’t wash my hair, and follow my usual morning routine. I check my calendar to see what meetings I have, which dictates how dressed up (or not) I’d like to be. It’s a pretty relaxed day so I settle on some Madewell wide leg pants, a St. James striped tee, an H&M denim jacket, Madewell mules, and a chunky necklace from Etsy. 8:00am I get settled at my desk to actually get some work done. Yesterday we hit a big deadline, so I’m hoping today I can crank out a few things that got put on the back burner. I make a to-do list, including a slide deck for a big presentation I’m giving in two days that my boss just asked I take charge of on his behalf, finishing this document, assisting on another piece of collateral associated with this product launch, typing up notes from a call I took the other day to prep my boss for a meeting, and updating our work tracking system. 11:15pm I'm feeling pretty good that I’ve checked off more than half of my to do list, so I take a couple minutes to “make” a Trader Joe’s instant ramen cup of noodles I’ve had stashed in my desk drawer for a rainy day, and grab my salad from two days ago to see if any of it is salvageable. Spoiler, not much was salvageable. I munch at my desk while working on the second piece of collateral I agreed to write. Then I should have time to work on the presentation I’m giving in two days. 4:40pm I’ve managed to check off everything (and of course a few things not on the list) except the last few slides and edits on my presentation so I reward myself with a tiny Baby Ruth from my candy dish and wrap up for the day. 4:50pm I get home, return a few work emails and texts, and hastily change into leggings to take pup on the promised long walk. We go on long adventure and meet a French bull dog puppy and it makes our day. 5:30pm Husband gets home and we watch the new Sortedfood and Bon Appetit YouTube videos (I love Andy) and I heat some Trader Joe’s Madras lentils and frozen naan to tide me over until we grab dinner later. Then we leave go to the final walkthrough of OUR house. WOOO!! 6:15pm The walkthrough goes alright. There’s a lot of nails left in the walls, paint scratches that were previously hidden, quite a bit of junk was left in the garage and basement, a bathroom sink that worked during the inspection inexplicably doesn’t anymore, and the hot water isn’t working, which definitely also worked. Thankfully we don’t plan to sleep here for a few nights so they can fix it, but it still puts a bit of a damper on the whole transaction. Because of the aforementioned flaws, we end up being pretty thorough and spend about 2 hours there. 8:00pm In a tired, hungry haze we decide to go to Sonic. I realize the closest thing to a vegetable on their menu is lettuce on a burger and say screw it and get a corn dog, onion rings, and a water. Husband gets a burger combo with strawberry limeade. When the attendant reads back our order, I discover it’s 50cent corndog day (which is only 30 cents more than my cup of water...) and it brightens the evening a little. $12.43 9:00pm We get home and get into bed to cuddle and watch Chef and My Fridge before crashing early. **DAY SEVEN TOTAL: $12.43** ​ **WEEKLY TOTAL: $270.26** *(first 7 days)* |Food + Drink: $167.89|Fun / Entertainment: $22|Home + Health: $38.40| |:-|:-|:-| |Clothes + Beauty: $41.97|Transport: --|Other: --| ​ **REFLECTION** Frankly, I think we probably spent less this week than average. Partly because I was so distracted by work (more than normal) and partly because I anticipated many upcoming expenses for the house so my discretionary spending was low. We also didn't need gas, take a big grocery trip, book any travel, or do much social stuff. I have also since upped my retirement investment amount because now that we aren't saving so aggressively for a down payment, it seems like the responsible thing to do.