Now you guys know all of those bad happy meal toys like E.T or American idol toys or whatever, I know those sucked and got cheaper so it's kinda bad to know that all of these happy meal toys we know are terrible and cheap. Much like Burger King toys. However, I search for crappy happy meal toys like **The Plastic Glove Puppet** or the **Madame Alexander “OZ” Dolls** and whatever. All of a sudden I just happened to find the saddest happy meal or considered a toy set ever created by a person nor a caveman or a Chinese person, and thats a fake Mcdonalds kitchen set. [Here it is, Just look how BAD it is! IGN -78\/10]( Just look at it, Doesn't it look just as bad as a Tiger electronic game? huh? is this how kids love? I don't! This toy is just the epitome of BAD, like why? What were they thinking? Like I know you played a lot of bad toys like those crappy pokemon bootleg toys or even peppa pig toys that are bootleg with creepy faces? well this toy is just the winner of the crappiest toys ever made in centuries like, why? What were they thinking? It's like this toy attempted to make a nice toy of some kind like, I'm traumatized after looking at this on amazon like I can't believe! how BAD! that thing is! its so bad, that I can't even show it to you on video nor the box, like the box attempted to make a good toy! but no! it's not! IT"S NOT GOOD! just look at the box, it seems like Mr. Ronald was happy at this toy just to make it worse ahh? it even says "Let's be chefs!" on the darn box, like how? how can we chef a Ronald McDonald. is this awesome? is this exciting? no its not! this toy is just terrible I mean its "BAD"! Just say look its a good McDonalds toy Yipee! but no! it's bad like I'd rather play with dog turds, and I'd rather play with those little tiger things. like wow, I found the worse toy ever made The toy itself I gotta say had no food accessories? like what's the most important thing about Mcdonalds is the burgers! but no! there's no burgers rather than ketchup and salt and imagination like a nerd. But hey at least there's kitchen tools! Nothing Mcdonalds related rather than third parties. as if this Mcdonalds toy shall be sued by Mcdonalds! I just wish they did that, those little tiger electronic wrist games, those were better than this toy Mckids for the NES is better than this toy Even one of those bootleg Kinder joy toys like King egg, those were better than this toy! like this toy is BAD! So BAD, If you see this box, I beg you guys don't ever buy it like it cost a fortune, and if you own this toy, Smash it! Smash it! until those bits of plastic were so tiny and midget, you can't even see it. Like I'm deadly serious! This toy shoudnt be in stores! even for amazon and if I see the owner of this, they need to be prosecuted and arrested. Like seriously, if you own this tho, You'd rather superglue your mouth into saying this toy is good You'd rather kick someone's face with your gigantic feet with feces and fungus. and finally, You'd rather play with dirt nor stones than this! like the Odyssey is better than this. Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde is better than this And even Superman 64 for the N64 is better than this piece of $&ht like wow! (Yeah I kept talking about bad games of what my big fan Angry video game nerd had to say) but I'm serious this is the WORST MCDONALDS TOY EVER MADE and I have some last words, If you are a Mcdonald's collector or reviewer, Just stay away from it! so this toy is one word BAD.